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Year 6 Dodgeball Competition @ SHS

Dodgeball is a high-energy sport that is increasing in popularity, and our students really enjoy it when we play in PE.

This year, SHS hosted the local cluster competition with three other schools from both Stocksbridge and Bradfield clusters, all hoping to secure a spot in the City final taking place later in March. Each game has teams of three, with the winners being the team with the most participants at the end of the time. We had some great performances from all of our team and played with good sportsmanship and respect for our opponents. The final standings were:

  • Stocksbridge: 16pts
  • Dungworth A: 20pts
  • Dungworth B: 13pts
  • Loxley: 24pts
  • Deepcar: 11pts

Well done team Stocky!