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Year 6 Sports Hall Athletics Team Triumphs in Sheffield City Final

Stocksbridge Junior School is delighted to announce the remarkable success of its Year 6 Sports Hall Athletics Team, who demonstrated exceptional teamwork and determination throughout their journey to the Sheffield City Final.

After rigorous training and hard work, the Year 6 Athletics Team emerged victorious in several rounds, securing their well-deserved spot in the prestigious Sheffield City Final. The grand event took place at the esteemed English Institute of Sport on Tuesday 16 January.

In a thrilling competition featuring talented teams from across the city, Stocksbridge Junior School’s Y6 Athletics Team displayed unparalleled skills, finishing an impressive 3rd in the overall standings. The athletes showcased remarkable dedication, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

The success of the team would not have been possible without the support of the parents and carers who rallied behind them, providing encouragement and cheering them on at every stage of the competition. Their presence and enthusiasm undoubtedly fuelled the team’s spirit and determination.

Mrs. Gaymond expressed immense pride in this year’s Year 6 Athletics Team and their outstanding achievements. She commended the pupils for their hard work, sportsmanship, and commitment, highlighting how their success reflects the school’s dedication to fostering a culture of excellence.